Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Excerpt for A Time of Turmoil

To celebrate only three more days (almost two!) until release, here's an excerpt from A Time of Turmoil featuring the three characters on the cover!

Noll was fiddling with the sleeves, and Vivian coughed slightly in his direction.

He ignored her.

“Stop,” she whispered out of the corner of her mouth. “We are about to begin.”

“Begin what?” he asked simply.

She sighed. Five times already, she had to explain this to him. He hated to wear his surcoat and continually fussed about wearing it. His memory was terrible. When she had been younger, she thought he repeated questions to annoy her. Oh, no. That was simply Noll. A year older than her at fifteen but he acted like a child yet. She did love him as much as she could, but this was not the time to be anything but proper. A man was about to be killed for crimes against their family and all the land of Tenoch Proper.

If one dared to mention the Li family, they must be killed. It was as simple as that, a crime punishable by death to ensure that peace and harmony lasted throughout the Rivera reign, long let that be.

“Stand still. Pretend you are a sentinel. Can you do that?” Vivian asked Noll.

He clicked the heels of his shiny black boots together and stared straight ahead, arms out.

“Put your arms at your side!”

“What is he doing?” Rosalynne demanded.

“I’ll handle it,” Vivian said. “What are you doing?”

“Being a tree.”

She sighed. “I didn’t say to be a tree. A sentinel. A guard. Pretend you’re a guard at attention. Stand tall, like that, but with your arms—”

“Do I get a sword then?” he asked eagerly.

Vivian blinked a few times in dismay. She hadn’t thought it wise for him to be here, to witness this. Last time, he had nightmares for weeks. Did anyone ask her opinion of the matter? Certainly not but well they should. She would make a fine, grand queen someday.

If only she had been first and not last.

Monday, May 27, 2019

First Review for A Time of Turmoil!

*I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for a free and honest review.*

This was an absolutely phenomenal book. The characters, the world, the plot, the story as a whole, it was all just fantastic! I could scarcely put it down and every moment i had to i found myself constantly thinking about it! I was addicted from the get go! Definitely a 5 out of 5 stars!

The world building was done extremely well throughout this story, and I'm keen to continue learning more about it. The story was interesting and had me drawn in instantly. The characters were well developed throughout the book and I'm excited to see them keep growing. The writing was truly wonderful and easy to fall into. All in all, an excellent book that I highly recommend picking up!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Meet N. M. Zoltack

Epic fantasy has always been my first love. Almost all of my stories written under my name fall under speculative romance, though. Now that I am writing a series that is purely epic fantasy, I decided to write it under the name N. M. Zoltack.

And the first book is up for preorder right now! If you want a signed copy, they're already available! Just email me at Nicole.Zoltack@gmail.com.


Tenoch knew peace long ago when the dragons three ruled over the evil, susceptible peoples. Now, however, the dragons are long since dead, and humans rule.

For better or worse.

The king is a broken sloth. The crowned princess doesn’t want the throne. The prince is intellectually delayed. The younger princess is vain and spoiled.

The queen committing adultery sets off a chain of reactions that will leave the world in a time of turmoil. ill peace ever return to the land?


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