Thursday, January 24, 2019

Meet Ryan Ingersoll

Nathan Howe and I wrote the Magical Awakening series together under our pen names Nathan Ryan and Nicole Beyer. Now, we have a new joint pen name, Ryan Ingersoll!

Ryan Ingersoll writes YA gamelit stories. Gamelit stories have game-like aspects to them. In our first series, the superheroes can see stats of other people and gain levels and more powers.

Ryan's first book, Rosethorn, will come out later this month!

Even the greatest heroes start at level one.

Seventeen-year-old Hazel lives on the streets of Philly, a tough city that has never cut her a break. Then, one day, Hazel discovers she can control plants, grow them, or kill them.

But she’s not the only one with new superpowers.

Eighteen-year-old Ace has it all—the love of his life, a baby on the way, money—only his parents don’t approve of the union. When Ace loses everything, he gains his superpowers after a chance encounter with Hazel.

While Hazel rises as Rosethorn, Ace stumbles into the darkness as Mimic. Who will win for the fight for control of the City of Brotherly Love?

Rosethorn contains action, drama, highs and lows, romance, and light gamelit elements. If you love superhero origin stories, this one’s for you.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Queenmaker Series is Finished!

How doesn't love King Arthur? And you know I adore retelling and reimagining and so, The Queenmaker Series was born!

And now, you can get the entire trilogy together!

A maid who will become more than merely legend...

The Queenmaker trilogy is a King Arthur retelling with Arthur as Alena, a maid who can possibly become so much more than she ever dreamed possible. Perfect for fans of The Mists of Avalon, The Selection, and Red Queen.

Prefer to get the books individually?

A maid who will become legend...

Sixteen-year-old Alena longs for a world where peasants, servants, and nobles are all equal. Truly, that will never be possible until the day when she removes a sword from a stone and might have the chance to become queen... if she can rally those same peasants, servants, and nobles behind her.

Alena is already a legend. Now, it is time for her to be luminary.

The people of Britain do not want a maid for a queen, even if she is the only one capable of removing the sword from the stone. Alena will have to prove herself worthy of the crown, and that means saving Britain from not only the Scots but also the Picts.

The time has come for Alena to take her rightful place as queen, but her troubles are far from over.

Having saved Britain from invaders, Alena is now accepted by her people. Her choice for king, however, is met with dismay. Both her advisors and the nobles believe they know better whom she should wed.

In the midst of the turmoil after her coronation, Alena is betrayed by those she holds most dear. Uncertain who to trust, Alena must rise up as the Lionessheart to save the day once more when another threatens to destroy everything she has achieved.

What's next? I'll be relaunching and finishing the Winged Beast Chronicles!