Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finally a Productive Day

I've been a bad writer lately. I haven't been doing much, other than thinking about stories and germinating plot bunnies. Not exactly the most productive thing for a writer to be doing... after all, I should be writing! Not just thinking about writing!

But yesterday, I submitted several short stories to different pro magazines. 3 short stories and 4 flash pieces. Which brings my short stories out in the horrific land of limbo to 16. Plus I have 5 or 6 more that I want to polish up some before sending them back out. Writing shorts is easy enough for me... it's getting them accepted that is giving me problems. lol But I keep trying and revising and submitting. That's all I can do. If all the pro markets reject the stories, I'll move down to semi-pro.

An update for Hidden in Shadows:

I received a personalized handwritten rejection from Laura Bradford:

Dear Nicole,

Thanks so much for sending me a sample of Hidden in Shadows and it was a pleasure meeting you at the Lori Foster gathering. Unfortunately, after careful consideration, I have decided to pass on the project. While I love the premise, I just didn't feel swept away by te writing. I wish you all the very best luck finding a great home and enthusiastic champion for your work.

A;; Best,

Laura Bradford

Not a bad rejection letter. I'll take anything that isn't form, lol

I'm still tweaking Hidden in Shadows query letter. Once I'm finally happy with it, I'll be querying agents for it. Wish me luck!


Aubrie said...

That is a nice letter! All I got from her was a form response for mine.

Good luck with all the short story submissions!

Stephanie said...

Good luck!!! So excited to have so many pieces out on submission!!!! I both love and hate querying at the same time. I want to query Spellbound some more, but Kim Lionetti still has the partial from The Write Stuff. I sent her an email asking for a status update...nothing. That was over a week ago. I know she in no way expects exclusivity, but I would really just love to know where she stands before I send them out. I feel like she's my best chance, ya know?

Sorry to ramble on like that!! LOL!

Stephanie said...

And that was supposed to be "exciting". I really need to read my replies before I click submit!

Faith said...

That's okay, I'm right there with you on the 'bad writer' train! But I'm hoping to remedy that starting today. Enough thinking & planning, it's back to writing!

And what a nice rejection letter! Waiting is no fun, but at least it means you have plenty of material out there with potential!

Nicole Zoltack said...

Aubrie, last year I queried her for my fantasy YA and she requested the first 3 chapters. That time, I received a form rejection letter. I think I received a personalized one because I pitched her in person.

Steph, lol I've noticed errors in my blog comments before. And you might consider querying other agents regardless. It'll probably take them some time to respond too, and Kim might respond in the meantime. It can't hurt any. In fact, if another agents does offer representation, you could always drop Kim another email, telling her, and asking if she would be interesting in reading the rest of the ms, because she's your first choice. *sigh* wouldn't that be nice - to have agents fighting over you?

Waiting is definitely the worst part! Even worse than rejections, because at least then you know where you stand. Let me know how getting back to writing goes, we should motivate each other to keep on writing, Faith! :)

WritingNut said...

Ooh, good luck! I hope you receive positive news :)

Nicole Zoltack said...

Thank you! Me too. It would be nice to receive at least one acceptance out of the bunch, hopefully more!

Cherie Reich said...

Good luck with all the submissions out there!