Thursday, July 29, 2010

Changing Titles

For my fantasy YA novel, I first used the title All-Knower's Land of Imagining. Kinda long and unless you read the book, you won't understand it.

So I next changed it to The Land of Imagining.

Hubby suggested Alexia and the Land of Imagining, which is what I've been calling it.

But lately, I've been thinking that that title is once again too long.

I've been toying with Alexia's Power, Alexia's Pen, or The Pen's Power.

Titles are so important. Whenever I go to the bookstore and browse around, the books that I pull off the shelf first have a great title. I'm sure that's how most book shoppers are. Which means that coming up with the best, perfect title is necessary.

So you all can help me, here's the tagline:

A magical pen unleashes a young teen's power to control a fantasy land, a realm only she can save from evil.

And my pitch:

When fifteen-year-old Alexia finds a magic pen that writes on its own accord, she discovers the mystical and real Land of Imagining.

The Head Demon rules this world and wants to kill the All-Knowers, a peaceful race who can read minds and heal. Alexia, their chosen one, discovers the pen gives her the ability to control the All-Knowers. Frightened of this power, she confides in her mother, who is the Head Demon in disguise. He steals the pen and kidnaps her family, forcing Alexia to travel to the Land of Imagining.

Determined to save her family and her people, Alexia must locate the demons’ secret lair and secure her pen before the Land of Imagining becomes the Land of Terror.

Any title suggestions?


Cherie Reich said...

Titles can be tricky, and even if you find one you really like, it doesn't mean it'll be the end title when the book is published.

Here are a few possible titles I came up with based on your description of the book:

Alexia and the Magical Pen
The Magical Pen

I don't know if any of these are better, but perhaps just shorter. I like "Alexia and the Land of Imagining," but it is a long title, even if it works.

Aubrie said...

I really like The Land of Imagining.

Nicole Zoltack said...

Those are some good suggestions, Cherie, thanks!

I like The Land of Imagining too, Aubrie, but one agent thought it sounded more MG than YA. Hmmm...

Faith said...

I was going to suggest just 'Imagining' but looks like Cherie beat me to it. In a cool font, it would make a great YA title.

But are you thinking 'series' for this? In that case, I'd go with the long title of 'Alexia and the Land of Imagining'.

Nicole Zoltack said...

Definitely series. But it wouldn't be a normal series. I have in mind a sequel, about Alexia's best friend, and a prequel, about Artex, Alexia's romantic interest in this book.

This book is about Alexia and is set on earth and in the Land of Imagining. The prequel is only in the Land of Imagining, and for the most part, the sequel is only on Earth. The reason why I didn't write the prequel first is because I want the reader's first journey to that world to be through the eyes of someone who had never been there before. I'm rambling but hopefully this makes some sense.

And having Alexia's name in the title might be a good idea. Then I could incorporate the main character's name for the other books too.

Hmm... How about Alexia's Imagination?