Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New book from Author Ava James

Ava James is wonderful. A fellow child of the 80s, she has become a good writer friend. We first met because we both have short stories in Freya's Bower's One Touch, One Glance: A Sweet Romance Anthology and are in many of the same yahoo groups. Her newest release is called For One Dark Knight and here's some information about it:

For One Dark Knight

By: Ava James | Other books by Ava James
Categories: Historical Mainstream ROMANCE
Word Count: 63,277
Heat Level: SENSUAL
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Past the suitable age for marriage, Lady Isobel longs for her life to begin. When the chance to flee the clutches of her misery arises, she sets out on a journey to her dower lands and childhood home. But no road is without its perils, and she soon finds she needs someone by her side.

Sir Robert de Gever's duties become vastly more complicated when Lady Isobel stumbles into his life in need of rescue. Questions arise and secrets run deep, leaving desire and suspicion to war within him.

Intrigue awaits the pair, and conspirators abound. Is the bond of one dark night spent together strong enough to save them from their fears?


He wished he could keep her locked away—far, far away. The woman
looked as though she were arming herself for battle. Her sweet smiles
changed the instant the last of the men quit the room.

“What is the matter?” Isobel asked with a clipped tone.

“What is the matter?” Robert began his counterattack in falsetto.

“Where should I start? My men have all left their posts, and training, to
come to the beck and call of the devilish temptress besieging Durham .” He
watched her eyes grow wide as he spoke. How was it that even now, he
could think of nothing but her lips?

“Devilish temptress? If I tempted any man, it was in no way intentional,
and in every way a result of the man’s baser interests.” Isobel took a
challenging step toward him. She accused him with her eyes and her words. "Furthermore, if it weren't for yer noble act of imprisonment, I would not be

Robert stepped closer to her. Her feminine scent wafted into his
nostrils. She easily broke his train of thought. The aroma that lingered about
her intoxicated his senses. Beyond doubt, she was a foul temptress! With
every attempt to ignore her, he failed miserably. Each time he was in her
presence she distracted him. If it was not her beauty that caught his
attention, it was her voice and words. The woman drew him in and he did
not care to be so affected by her. He needed to reign in his thoughts and

Focus, focus.

In a much calmer voice he said, “Would ye rather I left ye to be ravished
by those Saxon mercenaries?” He took another step closer to her as he spoke. He watched her gaze fall to his lips. Her pink tongue crossed her own bottom lip, and a blush came to
her soft cheeks. God’s wounds, he felt too much for this lady.

She drew away. “Ravished by those Saxons is not what I want.” Her
voice weak, and unusually breathy, he wondered just who she’d like to be
ravished by.

His own errant mind conjured up dangerous visions of her
naked body slick against his own. He couldn’t help himself, so he asked just
what he’d been wondering. “What do ye want?"

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