Saturday, September 5, 2009

Book Reviewing

Since I'm a writer, I love to read. I think it's a given: writers have to love to read.

Because of this love to read, I have been reviewing for the site the Long and the Short of It for awhile now. I had originally seen a call for reviewers for Dark Diva Reviews and applied there but the position was full. I mentioned to keep me in mind when another opening occurred and saw that LASR was now looking and so I jumped at the chance. Free books? I'm there!

Dark Diva Reviews has changed hands from Jade to Melissa and Melissa recently emailed me to see if I was still interested. Of course! So I am now a Diva!

But, I'm not just a reviewer for DDR. I, along with Em, am now one of their editors. This role will serve to broaden my horizons as a writer, better my own writing, and help out DDR. It's a win win! I am so grateful for this opportunity. Thanks, Melissa! And I know I'll enjoy working with Em.

So, my blog readers, let's talk about reviews. Have you ever bought a book from reading a review? What would you like to see in the book reviews you read? Would you consider becoming a reviewer ever?


Jessica McMullen said...

I have bought several books from thier reviews, specificaly if an author I really like wrote it - Thats how I found my first Louis McMaster Bujold book, there was a review by Ann McCaffrey.

I really like when the book reviews tell me why the story is great, not focusing on the mechanics of the writers skill. I have found a lot of reviews lately that spend more time focusing on how the writer wrote than what they wrote - and that just seems wrong. I really like to hear about the characters or a major plot point - reviews can be a very catchy sales pitch if the book is good.

I have wanted to be a book reviewer since Middle School Book Club, and have just not yet found how. So yeah, its something I research every year or so and decide I need to do three or four things before it can happen and I continue to wait (Silly me, I know)

And - Congratulations!I have always imagined being an editor would be great fun, second only of course to being a writer - so a giant congratulations!

JAlexander said...

Congrats on the new task. How exciting!

I have boought books based on reviews on places like or Amazon. But I skim them. I look for the genre I like - humorous, sexy, and paranormal - and then find out if the reviewer liked it. Just high level. I find that if I read a detailed story blurb it ruins it for me. So I skip that part.

I have also read a review of one story by a particulr author but then bought another title they've written that suits my liking better.

Does that make sense? Not enough coffee yet. I seem to have the problem a lot. I need the caffiene patch to have a constant flow.



Unknown said...

I have bought books from reviews as well. Some from blogs others from places on Amazon. I don't like spoilers in reviews even if its supposed to be a good book. Other than that I love reading reviews. And yes I would consider becoming a reviewer if I had the time. It takes a lot of time to review books so Kudos!