Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Piss A Writer Off and You'll End Up in their Novel

My family means everything to me. My husband, my sons. Do anything to hurt them, and I will not take to it kindly.

Son #2 has rather severe eczema. The eczema first started after we visited a friend with a cat but since the eczema has never gone away completely despite using medicine and creams, we figure he is most likely also allergic to something I'm eating as well.

So we scheduled an appointment with an allergist. A week before the appointment, we would have to stop his creams so it wouldn't affect the testing results. Just before this magic week, the doctor's office called and said we had to reschedule the appointment. Unfortunately, we had to wait over a month for the next available slot, which we took.

Finally, the day of son #2's appointment arrived. I was about to drop off son #1 at his cousin's so he could be babysat (since the appointment was going to last 2-3 hours) when the doctor's office called and said we had to reschedule again.

Two hours before his appointment.

And why did the appointment have to be rescheduled? Because the doctor called to say he wasn't coming in today.

Remember, we had to stop his creams and medicine so son #2's eczema is really bad, worst it's ever been bad, and he is miserable and all he wants to do is scratch and itch. Son #2 also just turned 8 months yesterday.

To say I was livid is an understatement. It's not even as if the receptionist said that the doctor called out sick that day. No, just that he called out that day. And the next available appointment? May 31.

No way. Not gonna happen. We told them we would find another allergist, and we did. Son #2 is going to see the new allergist on the 18th.

So now I am thinking about writing a horror story about a doctor. Dr Wyne. Dr. Wyne is going to die. Maybe come back as a vampire. Die again. Come back as a zombie. And die again.

Mess with my kids and you'll end up in my novel. Trust me, you don't always want to be in my novels, they aren't always romances and they don't always have happy endings.

Have you ever wanted to rip your hair out over someone doing something unfair or unjust to your kids? Have you ever written someone you know into a story?

Now I will say that sometimes my writing someone I know into a story is a good thing. I always include at least one trait from my husband into my heroes, so I'm not completely evil.


AllieTheKiwi said...

Hee, you're cruel, you are. Now just imagine if he came back as a vampire and was allergic to... oh, I don't know... how about the Rhesus factor?

I'll look forward to hearing how the appointment goes with the new allergist. My son was allergic to dairy, egg and nuts but has outgrown the egg and dairy allergies (finally!) so we're only stuck with the nut one.

LM Preston said...

Oh, girl, I love the title of your post. Oh, my kids have bad eczema too, I use Surfer's Salve from the Island store - you can order it through the mail. I use it on them 2 times a day - after 4 weeks I was amazed at the results. It's all natural and made by hand in Hawaii!

Faith said...

That's absolutely horrible. I'd be livid too. I live with psoraisis, and if a doctor told me to stop my medication for a week before seeing him -- and then cancelled on me -- I don't know what I'd do. March down there and demand he come in. Sure, it might get me arrested, but it'd seem like a great idea at the time...

Okay, so maybe writing him into a story and killing him off is a better idea. :)

Anonymous said...

YES! All evil people are good fodder for our books, especially those that hurt our children. I say write about em'. Of course, need a play on words on their real name too! Dr. Wyne needs to die a slow death of scabs all over and no way to scratch them. (can you tell I am a Mom? dont mess with me, or apparently you!)

Ann said...

Now that is just totally unacceptable. I would write a horrible long and extricating death for that character!!!

I know exactly how you feel. I have gone to the wire more than once for my children when they were young. I still would and they are all adults now!

Anonymous said...

I don't have children but I can totally relate. I warn anyone who wants to establish a deep relationship with me that everything they say or do is up for grabs so if they don't want to go down in history as a [insert choice curse word here], they'd better watch themselves.

I also take positive qualities and inject them into characters. Not always as much fun as the nasty stuff, though.

Saumya said...

Haha, I love this post (and your others!). I am the same way and put people who pissed me off into my novel. Sorry you had a terrible experience with the doctor :(

Stephanie said...

After my experience this week..I may be killing off a dermatologist in my next book!!

Sorry you're having such difficulties. Hopefully this other doctor will be fabulous and the switch will be well worth all the aggravation!!

K.M. Weiland said...

Hah! Nothing like writing for a little sadistic catharsis. Dr. Wyne deserves it. Plus what better name could you want for a villain?

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Nicole .. poor son #2 .. no wonder you're so frustrated .. let alone him poor chap - Happy Birthday .. but hope it can be eased shortly .. and characters are made to be found .. just occasionally they walk through the door ... a few times?!

Hope all goes well .. Hilary

Julie Musil said...

Nicole, I'll bet steam was shooting out of your ears, and with good reason. It's bad enough to do to any patient, but to a child. Unacceptable. I'm glad you switched doctors, and I wish you all good luck on the 18th.

ali said...

You're a regular Dr. Frankenstein! And I love it! I think well-placed revenge is good for the soul. :) At least good for our writing, lol. Sorry about what happened to you and your little boy. Let's hope the new doc is more respectful!