Friday, January 20, 2012

Diamond Candle - Review and Giveaway!

I  was selected to review Diamond Candles. Diamond Candles are soy candles that are made with earth friendly all natural soy. The best part of the candle is there is a ring worth $10, $100, $1000, or $5000 inside every candle!

I received the Pumpkin Chai scented Diamond Candle to review. I love burning candles. And there are so many different scents to choose from with Diamond Candles - like strawberry bliss, cinnamon roll, vanilla cream, lavender lemon and many more.

As I said, I got the Pumpkin scent. It is a great scent for fall and winter. I love how light the scent is, it isn't overpowering, and it lingers in the air for a good while after you blow out the candle. I also love that the jar the candle is packaged in can be reused after you're done burning the candle. Soy candles burn cleanly, another plus, and they are mainly made in the US. Diamond Candles burn slowly at around 125-160 hours, which is a good thing unless you're like me and are impatient to get to your ring!

Overall, I was thrilled with my Diamond Candle! They also make great gifts. Maybe for Valentine's Day?

Now you can enter to win your very own Diamond Candle, a $24.95 value. To gain entry to the giveaway, enter below with Rafflecopter. A Diamond Candle is a girls best friend! Diamond Candles will be coming to a retail shop near you, but in the mean time you shop Diamond Candles online, and shipping starts at only $5, anywhere in the US.

Good Luck!

Receiving a free candle did not affect my review in any way.

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Ash Krafton | @ashkrafton said...

I've never heard of these candles and would like to try them...I had trouble with the Rafflecopter, though, because the fields wouldn't take text.

Great blog--I'm going to follow you!

Cheers, Ash

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

My wife likes candles and the soy ones last longer than any others.


I love candles but have never heard of these......will look around.


S.A. Larsenッ said...

No way. Seriously? I've never heard of these. What fun! And a 5,000 diamond...I'm in!!!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Very cool! Have you melted your candle down to your ring yet, Nicole? I've got my fingers crossed for you to find the $5000 ring. :)

Happy Friday!

Johanna Garth said...

So cool. I've never heard of these. But you left out the most important part. Which ring was in your candle?

Anonymous said...

The diamond candle sounds so nice.. I love burning candles... wow you get a ring inside them cool

katsrus said...

Never heard of these candles either. Sounds wonderful. That's neat they have a ring inside. I like the scents they have.
Sue B

Jo Anne said...

I love candles and have used soy ones they are great. I would love to win. Like everyone else.