Saturday, May 15, 2010

Writing Update

Last night, I finished my assassin WIP. Woot! It's called Torn Between Murder and Love.

Lorna McCloud likes to think she's an assassin for the money and because she's good at it. But the real reason, because she was traumatized after witnessing her father's murder, is one she longs to keep buried. However a fresh lead in the cold case brings her closer to discovering her father's murderer.

Along the way, Lorna is captured by the Paranormal Intelligence Agency (PIA) and learns she is a paranorm with the ability of shadow manipulation. She flees to Creigh, where the country's king, Alaric, has an enormous bounty on his head.

Instead of killing Alaric, Lorna falls for him. When he learns that she is the assassin, he wants nothing to do with her. However they are linked -- there is some evidence suggesting her father and his killer had been on Creigh before the island had been discovered. Furthering digging reveals that the island's original inhabitants had been killed, most likely by the same man who later killed Lorna's father.

Will Lorna ever have her revenge? Has her assassin lifestyle doomed her to a life without love? And the PIA -- what do they want from Lorna?

Okay, that pitch is awful but it gives you a general idea what the story is about. I'll definitely have to work on it and polish the pitch as well as the story before the conference in June!


Anonymous said...
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Aubrie said...

That pitch isn't awful! I like it, and the book sounds wonderful! Congrats on finishing :)

Nicole Zoltack said...

Thanks, Aubrie! The pitch is a start, but it needs so tweaking though.