Monday, April 27, 2009

Sword and Sorceress 24

I've decided to try and pass on some writing opportunities to pass on to other writers so that they can learn about new contests and increase their exposure. So here's the first such post.

Can you mix a strong female character with sword and sorcery? Why not give it a try? Deadline is May 15, 2009 and the length is no more than 9k. For the full guidelines, click here. Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress series is now going to be an annual release so even if you can't finish the story for this reading period, you can try again next year!

I'm going to try to enter this. My muse was cooperating wonderfully, I had a strong female character (an assassin), a sidekick (a healer), a dragon, an evil magician, some magical creatures... and suddenly the muse decided to add in some love. As well as some other details that will swell the word count to a full length novel. And I don't have time to write this story now that it's full length, it's on the back burner since Knight of Glory takes precedence. A short story is ok, not a complete novel! So I'm stuck trying to come up with another idea plus I have to write it. I may have to opt for the next reading period next year. Oh well.

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Debra Kayn said...

Funny how those shorts take off on their own and become full lengths. You just have to sit back and let them have their way.