Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Means Resolutions

Last year, I made several writing resolutions. Let's see how I did:

1. Edit and send Champion of Valor to beta readers, make changes, and send it to Gail.

Done! Of course since Champion of Valor had been under contract, it was a guarantee check. And it's up for a Preditors and Editors award! If you haven't already voted yet, I would greatly appreciate your vote!

2. Finish the last couple of tweaks to Alexia's Pen before sending out queries.

Not quite done. The titles been changed (now it's Elena's Pen). I'm waiting to hear back from a few more beta readers. Then I should be ready to send out queries.

3. Re do the beginning scene to Hidden in Shadows and send it off to beta readers. Make changes. Rework the query letter to incorporate voice and send them out.

Not quite done either. BUT I did figure out what my biggest issue with the story was -- I was having the hardest time figuring out the genre. It's not urban fantasy, it's not a paranormal romance. It's paranormal thriller. I had been too worried about making the MC sympathetic (not easy when the MC is an assassin) but because it's a thriller with romantic elements and not a romance, I don't need her to be quite so sympathetic. I was trying to hard. So now I need to find some thriller authors who are willing to beta read it for a fresh perspective.

4. Start working on a new project. Or two.

Done! I wrote a MG fantasy adventure - The Princess and the Griffin. And I wrote a YA fantasy - Crystal's Magic. Time to edit them, send out to beta readers, and edit some more.

5. Do a better job of keeping my website up-to-date and work on increasing my newsletter subscriptions. Also, send out the newsletter at least 4 times a year.

I did a decent job of this in the beginning of the year and fizzled out. Whoops.


So what are my new resolutions?

1. Edit Crystal's Magic, The Princess and the Griffin, and Elena's Pen to the point where I can send out queries for them.

2. Write 12 PBs in the 12 months.

3. Finish Two Princesses, One Prince, and a Dragon. It's a YA fantasy novel that I started on January first. It's a little lighter than most of my other YAs so we'll see how that turns out!

4. Write two other novels. With baby #3 coming in February, this is definitely a lofty goal, but I'm gonna try!

5. Keep my website up to date and send out more newsletters.


So what are your writing resolutions this year? Do you having reading resolutions? (I would to read more and start reviewing more books.) Regular resolutions? (Once Christopher is born, I want to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.)


Yesterday, the awesome Alex wrote an equally awesome blog post about blogs and reaching 1,000 followers. He also featured several bloggers (myself included) who are close to reaching that landmark. Check out the post and if you don't already follow Alex, Matthew, Roland, and Jesse, you should fix that!


There's still time to send in critiques for my Critiques for Christmas!

You have the choice of a:

Query critique
Synopsis critique
First page critique

All I ask is that you follow my blog. It would be great if you could spread the word, but that's not necessary.

Email me at Nicole.Zoltack@gmail.com with your query, synopsis, or first page. Any genre.

Critiques will be done in a first come, first served basis.


Theresa Milstein said...

Nicole, you got a lot done. I think goals have to be fluid when it comes to writing. We never know where/when those snags will be. I wish you luck with your goals this year.

My biggest goal is to write and submit more consistently. This panster life...

Samantha Vérant said...

You go, girl! You CAN do whatever you set your mind on doing. (Now to follow my own words..)

salarsenッ said...

You've done a fabulous job with your goals for last year! Here's to reaching and surpassing your new goals! You are an inspiration. :) Congrats on being up for an award.

Aubrie said...

Great resolutions! I love how specific you are and that you get it done!

Good luck with your resolutions for this year. I also blogged about my resolutions this year. :)

Marta Szemik said...

Those are some great goals! Looks like you will have a busy year. Happy New Year Nicole!

Cherie Reich said...

You've done awesome with last year's goals and good luck to your 2012 goals!

And if you need a thriller beta reader, I would be willing to help out, since I do write and read thrillers (paranormal and otherwise).

As for my own goals, I'm hoping to read 52 books this year, continue to blog and maybe create a newsletter, keep editing for myself and others, and write, write, and write.

Matthew MacNish said...

Wow. You've got so many projects!

I voted at P&E.

David P. King said...

You make my list of goals look like a honey-do list. That's a lot to accomplish, but I have no doubt you can do it. You're just awesome like that. Best of luck accomplishing!

Happy New Year! :)

Steven said...

Hi Nicole, I found your blog by way of Alex. I also posted my new years resolutions on my blog, since that way I can't weasel out of them later. Looks like you plan to have a busy year!

Angela Brown said...

You accomplished so much. And it looks like the goals you have set are well within attainment.

I have three WiPs - first re-write drafts - I want to finish in the next three months and get out to beta readers. Lots of work to get done.

I also want to read more. I didn't do well reading last year so I want to do better.

You're so awesome to offer the critiques. Thank you so much.

KarenG said...

It looks like a big writing year coming up for you, wow, I'm super impressed with your writing goals. I have one writing goal-- finish revising my wip and see it published. I have no idea what I'll work on after that.

Sarah Allen said...

Wow, great goals for this year! Keep up the good work.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Michael Offutt, Visitor from the Future said...

Best of luck to you with all of your writing goals.

Nisa said...

You did fantastic last year and this year will be even better. Great goals!

Joshua said...

Way to go! And great new set of goals. I'm working on the first of mine right now. Well...not right this second, but I have 28 days left to write another 25K.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You're up for a Preditors & Editors award as well? Too cool - must go vote!
And very happy to feature you guys, Nicole. You are getting closer!

Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina said...

Hi, Nicole, I came to your blog via Alex's. Congratulations on all your achievements this year. What a great close to 2011. Good luck on this year's goals. Your blog looks very interesting. I'll be back.

Ella said...

Wow, you are one busy lady!
Best Wishes on all those goals for the New Year! I believe you can do it~

Christina Lee said...

Two new novels and soon to be baby is SO impressive--go you!

Brinda said...

How in the heck have you gotten this much done with two children and a life? I'm so impressed. I'm now following you in my Google Reader list of blogs! Your website art if beautiful.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Only twenty-eight more to go, Nicole!

Elana Johnson said...

Since you are so awesome, I have no doubt you'll accomplish your goals. Congrats on the baby -- that's the best!

Stephen Tremp said...

Good luck on your goals Nicole! Writing out goals is part of the battle. If they're not written down, they're not going to be accomplished. Have a great 2012!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

oh man, i didn't even know about your critiques for christmas deal! I'm totally sending you my first page!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

My writing goals this year is to continue to write poetry,
My second book was published just before Christmas and is now on Amazon.co.uk

Enjoyed your post today and hope you soon make your 1000th.


Leigh Covington said...

WOW! You have some amazing resolutions this year! That's awesome!

And cool thing for the query critiquing! I wish I had one ready for you!

I will spread the word so you hit your 1000th follower! WOW - that is so amazing!

inluvwithwords said...

Congrats on nearly reaching 1000 followers. And wishing you all the best with your resolutions for 2012.

Tonja said...

Wow, you are busy.

Emily R. King said...

Ah, the life of a writer. I think we have more yearly goals than most people, wouldn't you agree?
Best wishes to you in 2012!

Amity said...

Oh, so you are also a published author like Alex? Great!

Through Alex recommendation, here I am reading you now and following you too! I will be your 978th follower by then! :)

Will bookmark your page now and include you in my reading list!

Happy New year Nicole!


junebug said...

Great goals and great results. I should take some inspiration from your goals and try to come up with some of my own. :-)

Empty Nest Insider said...

I'm getting exhausted just reading about all you have and will continue to accomplish! I'm so glad to meet you via Alex, and best of luck with everything! Julie

Carol Riggs said...

Wow, what industrious goals you have, my dear! Best of luck with those! I have general goals--write more, read more, play the piano, and do more artwork. Keep on an exercise schedule. Simple, but that'll keep me busy!! Happy 2012 to ya.