Thursday, January 26, 2012

Announcing a Blogfest

No, I'm not hosting one although I probably will eventually.

I wanted to tell you all about the latest blogfest I signed up for. It's gonna be a lot of fun and there are some awesome prizes to be won!

Every great story has great characters! So this blogfest is designed to help us flex our character writing muscles through three separate blog posts.

The Posts:
February 6th - MondayCharacters on the couch: Have one of your characters answer the following questions (to make this work to your benefit, choose a character who is the hardest for you to write :) Max 250 words (Not including the questions—only the answers). 
  1. What is your biggest vulnerability? Do others know this or is it a secret?
  2. What do people believe about you that is false?
  3. What would your best friend say is your fatal flaw? Why?
  4. What would the same friend say is your one redeeming quality? Why?
  5. What do you want most? What will you do to get it? 
February 8th - Wednesday - Dialogue Introduction: Have two characters introduce each other using only dialogue—no backstory, no internalization, just dialogue between the two. Max 250 words.
February 10th - Friday - Emotion Flash Fiction: Emotion is the engine of a story. Pick an emotion and in a flash fiction piece of 250 words MAKE us feel it! We want to connect with your character. This will be a challenge in 250 words.

The Prizes: 
Cassie and Angie decided to pick two winners for each day:

Monday’s Prize’s
  • From Angie: The Color Code by Taylor Hartman—this book is a fantastic study of personality. It’s simple, easy to follow, and will give you tons of insight into how different personalities interact. I use it all the time. I don't normally like non-fiction, but this is one of my favorites. See description here.
  • From Cassie:  Nightshade by Andrea Cremer.  You can check out the description from Goodreads here.  This book so far has been the only book to make me fall for both male leads.  The characters' flaws and their strengths kept pulling me in two different directions the entire way through.  

Wednesday’s Prize
  • From Angie : A query critique and first 20 page critique.
  • From Cassie: A query critique and first 20 page critique. 
Friday’s Prize
  • From Angie : A full manuscript critique.
  • From Cassie: A full manuscript critique.

To sign up for the blogfest, click here. I'm only going to post on Wednesday and Friday. I would love to win one of the prizes.

Will you sign up? Know of any other great blogfests out there?


Susan Fields said...

Wow, those are some great prizes - thanks for the heads up!

Caitlin E Darrell said...

Ooh, sounds good! I'll have to check it out - my characters talk enough to fill a whole weeks' worth of blogging :)

Hildred said...

Awesome, I'm gonna sign up for this, even though I'm not interested in any prizes except maybe Monday's XD

welcome to my world of poetry said...

They sound great , I have already signed up for Origins and am working on that at the moment.

Have a good time,

Sarah Ahiers said...

i'm participating too!

Cassie Mae said...

Yay! Super stoked you're participating! Thanks for spreading the word :)

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I signed up for this one too.

Cortney Pearson said...

Yay, I'm doing this one too. Can't wait!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I already have commitments! Seems like I am booked all the way into May...

Sharon Bayliss said...

Thanks for spreading the word. I think I might do this one too.

Tonja said...

Good luck! Sounds like fun.

Shallee said...

Sounds like a fun one, with some great prizes! The Color Code is something I use myself.

Angela Brown said...

I've been seeing this button a few places. Sounds like a pretty interesting blogfest. Thanks for the FYI.

Theresa Milstein said...

Have fun with the blogfest. It's too ambitious for me the participate in right now. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome blogfest and the prizes are pretty amazing... best of luck... I'll be visiting to read yours:)