Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekly Progress Report - Nanowrimo and some teasers

This month is all about writing. I'm trying to write the complete rough draft of Crystal's Magic this month, which will be around 80K.

As of right now, I'm at 44,115 for the month. As long as the draft doesn't run much over 80K, I should definitely be able to finish it before December.

Some teasers from this past week:

This time, she puckered her lips and kissed back. It was sweet and tender and everything a first kiss should be, even if it really was their second.
Crystal’s heart did somersaults. Had she been the one to save Mrs. Fuller? Or had God?
Did it really matter?

They stood and awkwardly hugged each other. Some of the closeness they’d had last night seemed to have disappeared.

Medicine couldn’t save him.
Because magic had been at work?
Crystal was beginning to think so.
All the more reason not to trust witches.

Her life was her own, and she wasn’t about to let anyone dictate what she would do. And not fear of dying either.

In her heart, she found her feelings toward Vince. She cared for him deeply and knew that one day, she could grow to love him.
Crystal panicked and, without thinking, brought the fire back into her hand. Like a baseball pitcher, she wound up and threw the fire at the door as if it were a ball


Also, Deirdra interviewed me on her blog. I would love for you to stop by and check it out!

And for a chance to win a PDF of Champion of Valor, leave a comment here.


Are you doing Nano? How's your progress? What have you been up to this past week?

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Anonymous said...

That's right: don't trust witches. 44K?!?! You're killing it!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You're over halfway - that's awesome!

Cherie Reich said...

You're doing awesome with your word counts! Keep it up!

I'm about finished with novel one and plan to move on to novel two for my NaNoWriMo books. :)