Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weekly Progress Report - Nano done!

Before November started, all I had was a title - Crystal's Magic.

On November 28th, I finished the entire rough draft - all 79,919 words of it.

I'm fairly happy with the story. I know it needs work and editing and smoothing things out, but this is by far the fastest I've completed an entire novel. Hopefully when I read it over again in January (I'm not going to touch it in December), it would be all crap.

Some teasers (a whole bunch since I didn't post an update last week):
            The icy tendril of fear wrapped itself around her rapidly beating heart. “Who are you?” she repeated.

            Crystal opened her bedroom window and inhaled a deep breath of the cool, refreshing air. Thousands of stars littered the nighttime sky, and the moon shone like a lighthouse’s beacon. 
            “A limo? What do I look like, a million bucks?”
            “No, definitely not.” Crystal covered her mouth to conceal her grin.
            Vince looked down at his T-shirt and jeans. “Next you’ll be wanting me to take dancing lessons.”
             She glanced up at the sky, expecting to see clouds but none were there. Only then did she realize that she was crying.
             The sudden piercing ring of her phone made Crystal jump. She practically ripped her jean pocket as she scrambled to free her phone. The hope in her heart died when she saw the caller.
             "His eyes. I’ll never forget his eyes. They were green, a deep, dark green, and he never looked away from Dad. I never saw the face of fear until that day."
             She could almost see the twisted blackness of revenge already living in his heart. To have the added vengeance of the countless witches as well as their power—he would become even more consumed by revenge, the world would become the focal point of his wrath. No matter what, she couldn't allow that to happen.
             His eyes were closed, and he looked peaceful, as if he were sleeping.
             If only that was the case.
             The Vince she heard in her mind, he sounded broken, lost. As if everything important had been stripped of him, and all he had left were hurts and regrets.
             If letting him sleep longer saved him from fear, she was more than willing to wait to be reunited with him.
            Doubt and confusion swam in the creature’s eyes. The dark orbs changed into human eyes before becoming animalistic again. The rhino lowered its head again and then brought it up swiftly, gorging Crystal.

            She was losing herself, her emotions, her control, her feelings. She no longer knew who she was, what she was becoming.
            And yet the power within her… she knew that if she gave herself over to it completely, nothing, no one, would be able to stop her.
            Not even herself.

            A sentinel, magical storm… no one would be able to stop it.
            Have I unknowingly doomed the world?

            Tears streamed down her face. Not because of the pain or the growing coldness. She didn’t fear death.


How's your Nano story coming along? If you aren't doing Nano, what have you been up to this month?

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Natalie Aguirre said...

Congrats on finishing. That's awesome.

salarsenッ said...

So proud of you for finishing NaNo! Congrats!!

Joanna said...

I am in awe! Huge congrats for making it through to the end! Bravo you!

Anonymous said...

Well, you're about 30K more than me, but I can do that tonight to catch up.

Congrats!!! I'm hoping to be done tonight and cross 50K.

Kate Larkindale said...


And enjoy your well deserved break in December.

mshatch said...

I'm on ch 3 of a completely outlined/plotted new toy and revising a previous work. Too busy to nano!

Cherie Reich said...

Congrats on finishing your novel in a month!

I've slowed down a lot on novel two, but I'll still finished it within a month's time (even if it is November 16-December 15). :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I am in awe! Congratulations, Nicole.

The Golden Eagle said...

Congratulations! :)

Jenn said...

Wow, congrats on finishing! And on blowing 50,000 words out of the water! I didn't complete the 50,000 words, but I got a great start on my WIP.

Excellent teaser you shared with us. Beautiful imagery. When will I get to read the whole thing? ;)

C D Meetens said...

Well done for finishing your novel! Some great teasers there.

I've been doing rewrites of my WIP. I'm slowly making progress.