Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stupid Snow

I live in Pennsylvania. Normally we have four distinct seasons but for the past couple of years, fall has been really short. This year, it was nonexistent.

You may have heard about the major snow storm that wiped out the power for a lot of homes. Our power went out at 12:30pm on October 29th. We didn't get it back until late on Halloween night. Which of course meant that we weren't able to take the boys trick or treating even though we had found a place to take them when hubby could have gone with. :( We'll have to go next year.

It wasn't bad enough that the power went out and we lost all of our refrigerator contents and some of our freezer's. Saturday night, the boys and I stayed over at hubby's mom's house. She has a dog. Son #2 is very allergic to dogs and broke out with eczema and vomited. Not fun.

Hubby had left for an overnight trip with some friends to see a Lehigh game. He left extremely early on the 28th and came back around 2pm on the 30th, so I had to deal with Son #2 and trying to get him better by myself. Needless to say, he and I didn't sleep well, but at least Son #1 did.

Sunday we (hubby included) stayed at hubby's dad's house. Son #2 got a little better since he was away from the dog. Hubby's dad watched the boys so we could go to Philly for the Eagles-Cowboys game (Awesomest birthday present ever!). All four of us spent that night and Monday during the day at hubby's dad's. Hubby had taken off on Monday because of the game which was just as well because he probably would have called out if he hadn't already.

Since hubby had to work on Tuesday, he drove the boys and I out to my parent's house, where we would stay until the power came back on because PP&L's website was saying that we might not get power back until Friday morning. After hubby dropped us off, he went to the house to see if the power was back on since a lot of our street how power. Our house still didn't but it must have come back on about an hour after he checked, from the time on the stove.

After hubby's work day on Tuesday, he came and picked us up. Let me say that there's nothing like sleeping on your own bed! Both of the boys have been sleep deprived since they hardly ever nap away from home, and Son #2 had been dehydrated at one point. Both have bounced back and are happy to be home.

So that's why I haven't blogged this week. I was working on my blog posts for this week when the power went out. I had a spookier creature picked out for Halloween and everything.  Oh well, maybe I'll post it on the 7th.

Tomorrow, I'll post the Question of the Week and announce the winner of my Spooktacular contest!

I hope your Halloween was a lot better than mine!


Christina Lee said...

Well what a big 'ol BUMMER!!!! I'm very surprised the storm didn't reach to us (in Ohio) but am grateful that we get to enjoy fall for longer. ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Glad your power's back. I hope Son #2 is feeling better, too. Feel free to send some of the snow this way, okay? If it snows enough, I don't have to go to work because the people around here are lunatics at what is barely a dusting of snow.

Natalie Aguirre said...

That's a drag about the snow storm. Totally understandable while you haven't been around.

Abby Fowers said...

Such crazy weather! So glad that your power is back on and everyone is okay. :)

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I'm in PA too. We only lost our power for about five hours. We had the fireplace going and kept one room pretty warm. My kids are older and could deal but I got behind on some writing projects.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry you were without power for so long and your kids missed trick-or-treating. But Sunday sounds like it was awesome! Any day the Cowboys lose is a good day to me.

Lydia Kang said...

That's terrible! I hope life gets to be more normal very soon!

desitheblonde said...

hey girl i now you how you feel i used to live in oho and then here in mo we are waiting fr the snow and yea we want it but i now how it is like not to have power and stuff now we got a motor home we will be using it if the powe r goes ff for while