Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Progress Report


It's been a little while since I posted a progress report, which is bad, since posting them forced me to be productive. But now I have more motivation to post them. The awesome Sheri Larsen started a Writer Support 4U! group on facebook and on the second Tuesday of each month, several members post their progress reports.

Let's see... I've been doing a lot of editing lately, both as an editor and my own projects.

When I decided to take the plunge and change Elena's Pen from YA fantasy to MG Fantasy, the story was 80K. I'm about 45% through it and the word count is now down to 75K. Ideally, I would like it to be as close to 65K as possible, but I'd be happy with around 70K. So far, so good!

Once I'm in the query stage for Elena's Pen (which will be before the end of the year!), I need to work on making Lorna, my assassin, more sympathetic so the first several chapters of Hidden in Shadows needs work. The last agent to have a query out on it said: "I think you’re a talented writer. However, I’m afraid that the book is a bit too similar to one that I just signed on. Therefore, I must decline the opportunity to take on the representation of this book. That being said, please feel free to re-query me on another project with a new concept, should you have one in the future." Unfortunately this agent takes on YA but not MG.

So that's my progress report. Want to check out some other fabulous bloggers' reports?


What's your progress report?


Susan Kaye Quinn said...

What great feedback! It must be nice to hear, and too bad about her not repping MG! :( Thanks for the update. Someday I'll get an update post up...maybe next month!

Richard said...

That's a promising rejection letter. Sounds like you're on the right track. Good luck.

Michael Offutt said...

First off: Congratulations on closing in on the goals you've set for Elana's Pen. I've no doubt that you are going to have a wonderful piece once it is done.

Second: Your blog IS THE MOST beautiful I've seen, period. Wow...You've got the sides so that they curve and twist and the coloring...it's gorgeous. Your blogger abilities are at a level rarely seen in the blogging world I think. /bows to your expertise.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you're back to the progress reports. And aren't writing support groups awesome?

Joanna said...

What supportive feedback. The good news is many agents are looking for strong MG at the moment!

Happy revising!

Susan Oloier said...

That is an awesome rejection letter! I want one of those (if I have to get the rejections, that is). Good luck with your edits.

Nisa said...

That sounds like fantastic progress. I love your header. You have such a lovely blog. Fantasy FTW!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Great rejection letter, Nicole! I'm sure it made you a little crazy though...that happened to me about two weeks ago. UGH!

God job on your progress!

Anonymous said...

At least the agent let you know other than sending it back with a note that said "Thanks but no" Even as refusals, it's helpful when they tell you.

Good luck on the writing.


J.C. Martin said...

Good progress with the edits. Shame the agent doesn't take on MG, but I'm sure you'll find another great agent who does!

Creepy Query Girl said...

have fun with your edits and congrats on how far you've come so far!