Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Sweets Blogfest - My One and Only Sweet

To celebrate the release of their sweet love stories, Kelly Hashway and Beth Fred are hosting The Sweets Blogfest today. Be sure to stop by their blogs for a chance to win ebooks of Love All and The Other Marlowe Girl.


So I'm going to talk about a sweet that's dear to my heart - my hubby. We met the first day of classes freshman year of college. I complained to him about being a chemistry major and not being too fond of science (I wanted to work in a forensic lab, or even be a CSI). We became friends and over Christmas break, he  asked me out on AIM. During Easter break, he said "I love you" for the first time - on the phone.

But he more than made up for that when he proposed. We had been dating for two years and four months to the day. Since we were poor college kids, we don't go out on dates often so we tried to go out for our monthly anniversary at least. Todd told me to dress up because we were going to eat at a nice restaurant for dinner. It was a beautiful April day but the weather people had said there might be rain so Todd pulled over at a park to get an umbrella out of the trunk so we wouldn't get our nice clothes wet if it did rain before we got there. Imagine my surprise when he comes around to my window with a cape and a Phantom from POTO mask on!

Now, this was shortly after the movie had come out and we both loved it - saw it on Valentine's Day. Todd took me out of the car and sang two songs from the movie, before getting down on one knee and telling me how much he loves me and how I make him a better person and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Then he pulled out the ring box. Of course I said yes! (and yes, I was crying a little!)

*sigh* That's my sweetheart!


And if you want to check out another sweet romance, be sure to look at my Woman of Honor. It's now available for print! Woman of Honor tells the story of Aislinn, a girl who dreams of becoming a knight and finds love as she struggles to achieve her goal.


Linda Carroll-Bradd said...

This is a wonderful sweet and romantic story. That's a memory to cherish.

Angela Brown said...

Now THAT is a beautiful story of sweetness and love. How endearing. :-)