Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Best Birthday Present ever! and Contest reminder

So hubby got me the best birthday present ever for a writer/reader - a Nook! I'm thrilled and have downloaded several free reads. I can't wait to order a cover and light for it.

I'm having a bit of a hard time figuring out what ebook I should buy and figured I would ask you. So what book should I buy first? I can't wait to enjoy my ereader!

And there's only a week left to sign up for my contest!


Cherie Reich said...

That's awesome about the nook! I'm having a hard time not buying the new kindle, even though I have one already.

As for which book to buy, you should considered Once Upon a December Nightmare by me. *winkwinknudgenudge* *laughs* Well, it is a great read for Halloween.

If you like mysteries, I'm reading a really good one called Blood on the Pen by David W. Huffstetler. It's published by Wild Child Publishing.

Also, I would go with something Stephen King too. I read Under the Dome on my kindle, and I'm so glad I did. Who really wants to lug around a 1000+ page book?

Or you could do something cheesy like I did and buy your own books for the nook. I think it's pretty cool when you can take your ereader around and show people...oh, here's my book.

It is hard to decide, though. Good luck!

Amie B said...

so cool! i've been thinking about asking for one for christmas....

if it were me, i'd download anything YA or MG. :)

Stephanie said...

Not sure what you like to read, but I really loved the Queen fo Babble series by Meg Cabot, the Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld and my all time favs, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series.

I hope you enjoy your new "toy"!! I read much more now than I did before having my Sony Reader!