Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Test of Time cover reveal and blog tour sign up

Hi, everyone! I have some news. Astraea Press is publishing my first time travel on September 9th! I'd love for you to take part in the cover reveal and/or blog tour. Sign ups are here:

Blurb: Katia jumps at the chance to go to England with her best friend after Rose ditches her deadbeat boyfriend. While walking through the market, she spies a large mansion and recognizes the guy out front as her high school friend Tony. Just as they start to reconnect, Katia passes through times and lands in the arms of Lord Landon, who looks like Tony but certainly doesn’t act like him.

Soon, Katia learns that this 1815 is different from the one in history books. Trapped in a parallel world, Katia struggles to not fall for Landon but his charm proves too much for her. Just when she is about to confess her love for him, Katia travels through time yet again.
The course of love never did run smooth and if Katia can’t figure out and master the test of time, she’ll never see or friends again, or worse, never be reunited with Landon.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Time travel! Very cool. All of my guest spots are filled for September, but I will be glad to give you a shout-out when it's released.

Angela Brown said...

Congratulations, Nicole. I signed up :-)

E. Arroyo said...

Congrats! I'm waiting on word from another guest to get the exact date but if you want to send me your cover and blurb I can post it. I just can't give you an exact date yet. =)