Thursday, June 5, 2014

Video Post - What One Superpower Would You Have? with Kai Strand

Hi everyone! I’m Kai Strand, author of the Super Villain Academy series. I’m here to pose a VERY important question. But first let’s talk about Supers.

Let’s just say your girlfriend (or boyfriend-whichever) is kidnapped. It’s a good thing you’re a super villain, right? With all your awesome powers and all the other supers you know, surely you’ll be holding your gf in your arms by dinnertime.

Or not.

What do you do if no one cares anymore? You can only rely on your own awesome powers. I was curious what kind of powers people would want if they could have just one. I took to the streets to ask readers like you.

Find out the awesome powers these young readers would have:

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Polar Opposites: Super Villain Academy, Book 2 coming June 2014

The supers are balanced. All’s well in the super world. Right? When dogs drag Oceanus away, Jeff learns the supers are so balanced, they no longer care to get involved. The only one who seems to care is Oci’s ex-villain, ex-boyfriend, Set. With Jeff’s own powers unbalanced and spiraling out of control, he wonders if they will find Oci before he looses control completely, and if they’ll find her alive.

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About the author:

When her children were young and the electricity winked out, Kai Strand gathered her family around the fireplace and they told stories, one sentence at a time. Her boys were rather fond of the ending, “And then everybody died. The end.” Now an award winning children’s author, Kai crafts fiction for kids and teens to provide an escape hatch from their reality. With a selection of novels for young adult and middle grade readers and short stories for the younger ones, Kai entertains children of all ages, and their adults. Learn more about Kai and her books on her website,


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations, Kai!
Invisibility. Yeah, I could get into so much trouble with that one...

Kai Strand said...

Lol - Alex. Sometimes I wish I were more villainy so I could cause the trouble and not worry about it. Thanks for visiting.

Thanks Nicole for hosting me today. Your blog rocks! So do you. :)

Catherine Stine said...

Fly, no doubt.