Thursday, January 31, 2013

If You Were a Monster Hunter, What Monsters Would You Hunt?

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If you were a monster hunter, what monsters would you want to hunt?

I started a new novel - a steampunk paranormal - two days ago and the MMC is a monster hunter. I'm still trying to figure out which creatures he's going to hunt. I've already decided against vampires (although they will be mentioned as not existing in this world) and zombies. There will be Amarok or Amagup and a horde of Frankenstein monsters (except they won't exactly be from Frankensten). But I would like to add another creature or two to the mix. 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'd hunt the evil trolls who make bad movies! Wait, that probably doesn't fit with your story, does it?

Mia Hayson said...

I think I'd hunt dragons, or something equally large. Maybe the Jabberwocky.

Yes! The Jabberwocky. I like dragons too much.


Mia Hayson said...

I think I'd hunt dragons, or something equally large. Maybe the Jabberwocky.

Yes! The Jabberwocky. I like dragons too much.


Angela Brown said...

Probably making this suggestion because I'm intending to have one of these for something I'm working on, but would be interested in seeing how others portray this monster/creature/being:

Walking wasteland - a being that decays or rots the things it comes into contact with

Tyrean Martinson said...

How about a naga/snake woman or a mermaid? (mermaids don't have to be nice) Or maybe leprechauns? Sorry, when I think of hunting monsters, it makes me wonder how we define monsters, and then I think of sillier versions monster hunting.

Cherie Reich said...

I was thinking something that flies, like a dragon or gryphon.

Of other types of monsters, you could go after banshees or yetis or some type of giant.

L. T. Dalin said...

I've always liked the idea of Sirens. Those really bad ones, who are tricky and beyond deceitful.

I also like the thought of a "freddy Krueger-ish" entity. One who incapacitate people through sleep, and torture them there. There was a myth regarding this, I just can't remember the name right now.

Good luck with the novel! <3

Beckey said...

Make up something like a hybrid of sorts .. (let your imagination take flight & create something that may never been heard of, something like a cross between a demon and ghost.)

That would be my suggestion :)

Anonymous said...

Something like pixies or any other creatures that have been made kid friendly. I think writing a unicorn as a big warhorse instead of this nimble thing would be a surprising change. I've thought about doing it,but can't quite fit it into anything. lol

Rusty Webb said...

I like Alex's troll idea. Those are big and scary.

nrlymrtl said...

Let's say those monsters from the radioactive black&white movies really did exist, and managed to go into hiding....and reproduced. Now they have a secret kingdom of their own, with offspring and armies of semi-aware fish/lizard beings. They can travel anywhere in the world because all the world's oceans connect. Their ultimate goals are unknown because their world is so foreign to us.

Or some such nonsense. Good luck!