Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Question of the Week - Anthologies

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This week, two books came out that have a few of my flash pieces in them. "Demonic Nightmares" is in Daily Flash 2012: 366 Days of Flash Fiction (Leap Year Edition).
"Sticks and Stones," "Easy A," "Summertime Fun," and "Bad Date" are all in Daily Frights 2012: 366 Days of Dark Flash Fiction (Leap Year Edition).

My question for you is whether or not you read anthologies. Why or why not?


Cherie Reich said...

Yay about the anthologies, especially since we're in Daily Flash 2012 together.

I have to admit I haven't read an anthology completely through, even though I submit to them. I will read stories here and there.

Sarah B said...

Anthologies are total mysteries to me. I read them in Humanities classes, but beyond that I'm a novel girl. When I read short stories (or flash fiction) I end up just wanting more.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I saw one of Summer's stories was also accepted - that's great for both of you!
I confess, I haven't read too many. Epic Ninja fail...