Thursday, August 18, 2011

Write on Con and Author Spotlight

Write On Con is a seriously awesome FREE online writers conference for PB, MG, and YA writers. Some many awesome blog posts and live chats, and the forums are amazing - so much feedback from other writers and even ninja agents that are going around, leaving comments and sometimes requests!

I've been hanging around the forums a ton and posted several queries (for Elena's Pen and 3 picture books) as well as the first 250 words and first 5 pages of Elena's Pen. I've been having the most trouble with Elena's Pen's query, so I would love it if you guys could stop on by and help me out, if you have the time! Here's the revised thread: And here's the original thread (if you want to see where I started from)

Also, I'm in the Author Spotlight for Joyfully Reviewed


Theresa Milstein said...

Write On Con was great. Too bad an agent never spotted my query. Glad you had better luck!