Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Look Back, and a Look Ahead

My calendar looks like this (except mine has pretty pictures) but I scribbling important information into the boxes, any plans or birthdays, upcoming deadlines, guest posts, etc. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to keep everything straight. Calendar's are a Godsend!
January's over. We're a month into 2011.

So what did I accomplish?

I finished Champion of Valor. I'm working on the cover sheet and will submit both in a couple hours.

I also wrote and submitted three picture books to a small publisher in Texas. Yesterday was their deadline for unsolicited fantasy and science fiction picture books.

I also have a secret project that I'll give more details about when I can.

Reading-wise, I've been devouring several reference books on creatures. I plan on changing my inspiring Mondays post for the next several weeks, and maybe longer, into different creatures and I'll explain some of their details and idiosyncrasies. I also read and finished the first three Sookie books. So far so good, although I liked the first one best, the others weren't quite as good.

Overall, a very productive month.

So what's up for February?

Well, I need to take a small step back from fiction and write as many nonfiction articles as I can. It'll be a huge boost for miscellaneous bills.

If you can keep a secret from hubby, I'll probably still write a little. What can I say? I'm a writer, it's my drug.

What did you accomplish in January? What are your goals for February?


Misha said...

I have rewritten a quarter of my in two weeks.

In February I want to see how much I can get done. Fingers crossed that I can actually get the rewrite done by the 28th.


Good luck!

Donea Lee said...

Sounds like you're keeping yourself on track - that's great! I need to do more of that...maybe Feb. is the month to start. I have reworked a query and continue to revise my wip and I'm making progress. Not as organized as I'd like to be, but hanging in there!

Ellie said...

You had a great month! Well done!

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You did a lot!
I completed the first round of major edits (after several small ones) on my book's sequel. My goal is to go through it several more times this month and then let my test readers have at it.

Nicole MacDonald said...

Well I got my book out and worked on promoting that :) this month I want to knock out the first draft for book two!!

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Cherie Reich said...

Great job finishing your novel and everything else! I can't wait to hear about the secret project. :D

I've slowly been doing rewrites on my YA paranormal novel, a sci-fi romance novelette, and several short stories last month. It looks like more the same this month, but I want to throw in a couple short stories to write. We'll see what happens.

Sondrae Bennett said...

Wow. You did a lot. I thought I'd done a lot until I read this, lol.

Happily Cheesy said...

Aren't "secret project"s the best? =)

Melissa Gill said...

Oh my you are a super star. January is such a crazy month for me, I rarely get much of anything done. I'm planning on being super productive this month though.

Sophia Richardson said...

Jeez, you were productive! Novels, picture books, secret projects-- how do you do it? In January I mainly read and reviewed books (my reading rate has slowed this month, bad Sophia) and tried to tease out some ideas. For February I want to keep on keeping on with the Genre of the Month, I'll be taking part in some V-day blogfests and I'm implementing some real life improvements.

I hope February is as productive for you as January was! I'm interested to see your Monday posts on creatures.
- Sophia.

Talli Roland said...

January sounds like a good month! I can hardly believe it's Feburary - yikes.