Friday, March 26, 2010

Wizard Submission and GLVWG conference part one

Today I finished polishing my short story, Mine to Control, and submitted it to the Way of the Wizard anthology. Here's a brief blurb: A town crier announces a magic contest with the prize to become a famous wizard's apprentice. Madeline enters but isn't chosen. However, the wizard Larkin isn't as kind and good as he appears. Can Madeline save her friends and their village?

I love writing stories about swords and sorcery. This anthology was right up my alley. I really hope that Mine to Control makes the final cut. Is anyone else submitting to this anthology?

The pre-conference portion of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group (GLVWG) conference started yesterday, of which I only signed up for the actual conference portion. However, there was a writer's circle that all conference attendees could partake in so I went to that last night. It was fun. I didn't stick around for the pitch portion and instead went up to Rebecca Rose's room and chatted with her and Judy for a good long time. The connection part of conferences has to be one of my favorite parts. Unfortunately I had signed up too late to be able to pitch to an agent but there might be time to talk to some of them throughout the conference, and there is an agent panel so that I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Tonight, there is a Pitching Do's and Don't and opening ceremony portion to the conference and then it's all day Saturday. I'll post updates and any insider information that the agents/editors give me.

Finally, how do you all like the look of my blog? I like the background but I'm not sure that it shows what my writing is about so I might change it again sometime soon.

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